Definition of numerical analysis in US English:

numerical analysis


  • The branch of mathematics that deals with the development and use of numerical methods for solving problems.

    • ‘Other areas he wrote on included algebra (where among other topics he studied the theory of permutation matrices), geometry, mathematical and numerical analysis, probability theory and mathematical statistics.’
    • ‘Hartree was basically a theoretical physicist, and he developed powerful methods in numerical analysis.’
    • ‘The discovery of the binomial theorem for integer exponents by al-Karaji was a major factor in the development of numerical analysis based on the decimal system.’
    • ‘Hamming also worked on numerical analysis, integrating differential equations, and the Hamming spectral window which is much used in computation for smoothing data before Fourier analysing it.’
    • ‘With co-workers L Blum and M Shub, he has developed a model of computation which includes both the Turing machine approach and the numerical methods of numerical analysis.’