Definition of nullify in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Make legally null and void; invalidate.

    ‘judges were unwilling to nullify government decisions’
    • ‘It would negate or nullify the property rights purchased by private investors in 1993 when New Zealand Rail was sold by the then National Government.’
    • ‘Those not yet enforced are likely to be nullified by the High Court decision.’
    • ‘If Inland Revenue lose, then EU states can act to nullify the decision or they can allow healthy full tax competition.’
    • ‘The new law stems from a decision by the government to nullify a decision of the Court of Appeal that the Maori Land Court could hear claims relating to the recognition of customary interests.’
    • ‘The lack of employees at any point in time does not terminate, nullify or invalidate a collective agreement.’
    • ‘Contributory negligence could reduce the monetary quantification of the defendant's liability, but it cannot legally or logically nullify it.’
    • ‘The Federal Communications Commission is fielding fallout from the court decision nullifying its 30% cable ownership cap.’
    • ‘The 29-year-old man has a lawsuit pending with the Tokyo District Court seeking a court decision to nullify the ministry decision.’
    • ‘Within a year bishops were before Congress urging a constitutional amendment to nullify the decision.’
    • ‘Travel policies always exclude any ‘pre-existing’ condition, but failing to disclose one could have the disastrous consequence of nullifying the entire policy.’
    • ‘It is no surprise that last Monday the New South Wales government announced that it proposed to nullify the majority decision by legislation.’
    • ‘And the organizations say that some 300 farms are remaining because they say the evictions are invalid or have been nullified by court orders.’
    • ‘The decision to nullify the result and call for fresh elections has been met with dismay in some quarters as it is felt it will doom the province to another three months of campaigning and another period of uncertainty.’
    • ‘Well, today's Ukrainian Supreme Court decision nullifies the results of the presidential run-off election.’
    • ‘An appeal was lodged against his system of proxy voting - previously validated by the JCR Executive - by the Returning Officer five minutes before the referendum was due to close, nullifying the vote.’
    • ‘Not only might it nullify your complete contract, but it may also invalidate the cover of those travelling with you.’
    • ‘‘When you withhold funds from enforcing a decision of the Supreme Court, you are in fact nullifying a decision of the Supreme Court,’ she told reporters.’
    • ‘Scopes willingly joined ranks with the ACLU in an attempt to repeal or nullify the Butler Act.’
    • ‘Her directive nullifying an earlier decision that compelled bus operators on specified routes to use the bus station has led to the abandonment of the facility.’
    • ‘The court made that point as it nullified the results of a Colorado referendum that would have overturned local ordinances forbidding discrimination against homosexual citizens.’
    annul, declare null and void, render null and void, void, invalidate, render invalid
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    1. 1.1 Make of no use or value; cancel out.
      ‘insulin can block the release of the hormone and thereby nullify the effects of training’
      • ‘Their continual presence metamorphosed into a part of the film's ambience; Fred Karlin, a film music expert, argues that such an adaptation thereby nullifies the audience's emotional response.’
      • ‘Part of the confusion, Schule added, is that special constables are essentially municipal employees, thus nullifying the need for a chief.’
      • ‘What makes some people purposely seek out dissenting and alien viewpoints and accommodate them into their thinking, while others avoid them or try at all costs to nullify them?’
      • ‘With their hoodies up, they wore getaway trainers and, often, ski goggles to nullify the effects of CS gas.’
      • ‘An age might have to elapse before there can be any returns on capital in the form of scarce minerals in minable quantities, the costs of whose transportation alone might nullify their value.’
      • ‘This is, of course, the kind of twisting of terminology that turns the meaning of a concept into its precise opposite - thereby nullifying its meaning and reality - that is the essence of Newspeak.’
      • ‘Additionally, should food cans be recycled in this way, then what on earth is wrong with washing them prior to their disposal, thereby nullifying this feared vermin attraction?’
      • ‘Nevertheless, it is possible that the association we found could be nullified or reversed by data from the 20% of people we could not trace.’
      • ‘But if nothing else he gave Chris McGroaty something to think about, forcing him into more of a defensive full-back role and nullifying the threat he had posed down the flank in the first half.’
      • ‘While it is true that games offering over 100% payback are rare outside Nevada, this does not nullify the value of a strategy.’
      • ‘Doing so would nullify one's neutrality so to speak.’
      • ‘If the combined effect is less than the sum of the individual effects, the relative interaction is ameliorative, competitive or the effects are said to cancel or nullify one another.’
      • ‘The only way to counteract, or even nullify the effects of that drug is to take a dose of the antidote.’
      • ‘The petrol price goes up by six cents a litre today, and while there's little to be done about price increases, the good news is that you can cut down on consumption, thereby nullifying the increase, without too much effort.’
      • ‘This evidence does not nullify the alternative name, but it does invalidate the absolute reasoning behind the proposal.’
      • ‘Thus, he set about trying to nullify its effects.’
      • ‘The heightened security measures at ports in Kent and airports are aimed at cutting the number of illegal immigrants entering the country as well as nullifying the threat of terrorism after last week's terror attacks on America.’
      • ‘Can we develop a system of ciphers which nullifies the value of any information we contribute to the system?’
      • ‘He's hurt, he's betrayed, and as the pain hardens into bitterness, so the anger comes flowing out, nullifying everything that he thought was good and pure.’
      • ‘Exercise within four hours of ingesting it and you nullify its dehydration effects.’
      cancel out, neutralize, negate, render ineffective, make of no use or value
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