Definition of nullifier in US English:



  • See nullify

    • ‘Disillusioned nullifiers began to envision an independent southern nation taking shape, united in the defense of slavery.’
    • ‘Ivan dumped the alarm nullifiers onto the doorstep.’
    • ‘In his eagerness to draw a connection between Jeffersonian states' righters, nullifiers, and secessionists, McDonald downplays the Jeffersonians' democratic commitments and casts southern secessionists as ‘libertarians.’’
    • ‘The September 1927 Science & Invention startled subscribers when it presented the straight-faced report that a German scientist named Dr. Kowsky had successfully invented a ‘gravity nullifier.’’
    • ‘He suggests that it was this ‘singular history and political culture’ that produced the rabid fire-eater proslavery advocates and nullifiers 150 years later.’