Definition of nullah in US English:



  • A dry riverbed or ravine.

    • ‘The area used to depend on a ganda nullah for irrigation of the paddy crop.’
    • ‘The nullah next to the cremation ground near Shakti Nagar - despite some repairs - continues to be a death trap.’
    • ‘From here, the nullah reaches the Punjab and Haryana boundary, near Shagun Hotel, where the outflow is now blocked.’
    • ‘Streams and nullahs on the campus gushed with water.’
    • ‘Temporary bunds on nullahs, rivulets or small rivers erected by using empty cement bags, popularly known as Vanarai Bunds, have proved most effective.’
    • ‘Singh allegedly swindled funds meant for building a culvert on the Manikpur nullah and a school.’
    • ‘The nullah is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies.’
    • ‘The threat of flash floods loomed large over the people living along the Sutlej river with the formation of a huge lake in Tibet, upstream Lapcha in the Parchu nullah, a tributary of the Spiti rivers.’
    • ‘Two persons were killed when the truck they were travelling in rolled down into a nullah near Nakro last night.’
    • ‘The Drainage Department, Gurdaspur, has sent several notices to the Municipal Council, Batala, not to throw sewage of the city area into the nullah but in vain.’
    • ‘The jail sources said that the flood water flowed through a nullah, which is being used for the disposal of water by the jail authorities.’
    • ‘Over the years, however, many of these little tanks and ‘nalas’ have either dried up or been ‘developed.'’
    • ‘The elephants were in a deep nullah, hidden among the reeds and cane.’
    • ‘The sources said following the breaches the water had started flowing into the Dhakansu nala and the Pachisdara forcing the district administration to strengthen both the rivulets at strategic points.’
    • ‘Reports said that a Jaish-e-Mohammad militant was killed by the police and army in an encounter at Khurd Malai nullah in Mahore area of Udhampur district last night.’
    • ‘We dump waste in nullahs and drains, thus blocking flow of rain water.’
    • ‘On the day following the bullet ridden body was found in nearby nullah.’
    • ‘Some wards have narrow roads and a nala at the end of the road is no permanent solution.’
    gorge, abyss, canyon, ravine, gully, gulf, pass, defile, couloir, crevasse, cleft, rift, rent
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Late 18th century: from Hindi nālā.