Definition of nudity in US English:



  • The state or fact of being naked.

    ‘scenes of full frontal nudity’
    • ‘If he had seen her standing there naked, or if her nudity affected him at all, he didn't show it.’
    • ‘His brush has found expression in subjects varying from nature to nudity.’
    • ‘They said they just felt that the explicit depiction of sexual activity and nudity was unacceptable.’
    • ‘There are a few minutes in the play where there is complete nudity - you couldn't have a play about life models without it.’
    • ‘The first programme looked at nudity - in a fairly respectable BBC fashion, naturally.’
    • ‘I suppose I have to admit that I'm really pretty liberal when it comes to nudity and the human body.’
    • ‘Even one of the earliest examples of full frontal nudity on the London stage couldn't save it.’
    • ‘Its full frontal nudity is unlikely to cause the blink of a Gallic eyelid when the French see it this Christmas.’
    • ‘As for children, younger children just seem to giggle and get bored if they see some nudity on TV.’
    • ‘I still think we're all undervaluing the thrill of nudity achieved via strip-poker.’
    • ‘There is a potent chemistry between the performers and an admirable ease with the full frontal nudity their roles demand.’
    • ‘It seems that nudity is causing outrage again, this time in Wales.’
    • ‘Yet, on screen, the sex scenes have remained distinctly cautious: no nudity, nothing smutty.’
    • ‘Scenes of shameless nudity at the Hotel du Vin in Henley-on-Thames have put morning rowers off their stroke.’
    • ‘Sorry about the gratuitous nudity - I don't like wearing socks in the house.’
    • ‘My understanding is that there will be gratuitous nudity and madness at this event.’
    • ‘I believe that we have been trained to equate nudity with sexual immorality.’
    • ‘Bui faced objections to everything from a scene involving partial nudity to the most harmless details.’
    • ‘Her photographs have mostly focussed on female nudity, the countryside, and dance.’
    • ‘There will be less talk of her dark mystery from directors who egg her into shower scenes and then allow her nudity to sell their films.’
    nakedness, bareness, state of undress, undress
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