Definition of nudist in US English:



  • A person who engages in the practice of going naked wherever possible.

    as modifier ‘a nudist beach’
    ‘a mission to encourage more public places to allow nudists’
    • ‘Everyone has naked dreams; do nudists, I wonder?’
    • ‘Such views are rejected by British Naturism, a nudists' organisation, which has 25,000 members and which estimates that about 500,000 Britons go without clothes in their homes, gardens and on holidays.’
    • ‘On Saturday, there was a steady stream of games taking place on the three courts at the nudist beach.’
    • ‘In short, not all nudists and naturists want to be confined to gated communities.’
    • ‘Friedler, 29, insists he is neither a nudist nor a naturist.’
    • ‘They were offered trips to a nudist camp and given short black skirts to wear, said Mr Newbury.’
    • ‘There is a nudist part of the beach at Playa de Inglis and what amused us as we walked along there was to see elderly ladies bathing in the sea in the nude yet still wearing caps or other headgear to protect their coiffures.’
    • ‘Brighton established the first nudist beach in Britain, despite protests from those who feared great depravity.’
    • ‘During summer, though, one beach is primarily gay, while the other is very much a nudist beach, further out of town between Sitges and Vilanova.’
    • ‘Whether you want a nudist beach, a beach full of partiers, or one which is virtually undiscovered, Ibiza is the place to find it on.’
    • ‘There is some irony in the notion that nudists on a public beach do not want to have their privacy invaded.’
    • ‘Swanbourne beach is the only nudist beach in the Perth metropolitan area.’
    • ‘On some beaches in America, nudists lie as naked as the day they were born.’
    • ‘The most popular beach, Paradise, is also a nudist beach.’
    • ‘Pat tries to quell her feelings for Bruce, her vain egoist of a flatmate, while navigating the purpose and ethics of naturism at a nudist picnic in Moray Place Gardens.’
    • ‘Obviously, a change of clothes or two (unless the vacation is to a nudist camp) comes in handy.’
    • ‘I mention this because all of these are part of something that has been in the news lately: summer camps for nudists, age 11 to 18.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, convinced that the Trust are trying to get him and his fellow nudists off the beach, Barry Freeman rallies the troops for a clothes-free protest march across the sandy shores.’
    • ‘There's a designated nudist beach, but people don't seem to give a toss.’
    • ‘May I put in a plug for our wonderful nudist beach on Waiheke Island: cosy and secluded and no sightseers.’