Definition of nudie in US English:


nounPlural nudies

  • A publication, entertainment, or venue featuring nude performers or models.

    ‘the magazine says the editor was fired, and for reasons unrelated to nudies of the star’
    • ‘The genres - exploitation, sexploitation, nudies, roughies - even spawned a few superstar directors, with recognition coming sometimes early and sometimes later (Herschel Gordon Lewis, Doris Wishman).’
    • ‘Filled with paradoxes, each of the pieces is absurd in its own right, from Robert Therrien's vertiginous, spiralling bed to Serge Comte's Post-It note nudies to Peter Land's endlessly looping fat-man-falling-down-the-stairs video.’
    • ‘This is the only movie I've ever seen where a guy tries to concoct some deep emotional explanation for going to a nudie bar and his wife actually buys it.’
    • ‘And as if that wasn't peculiar enough, they go out of their way to offer a totally remastered nudie loop that purports to be Marilyn Monroe's first screen appearance.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, Jennifer's stunning décolletage brings her into contact with lots of brutal, mauling, emotionally unavailable men, and she ends up a suicidal fallen nudie star.’
    • ‘Herman just so happened to be involved in a local nudie cutie camera club when he runs into the maniacal miss.’
    • ‘We weren't really in the nudie business, although we were closer to that category than any other.’
    • ‘If you like your nudie cuties on the silly, stupid side, Dr. Sex will definitely satisfy your need for naked nuttiness.’
    • ‘The nudie took it one step further, making the location insignificant and the amount of body bared ample.’
    • ‘Back in the old days of the industry, nudie calendars were staple items.’
    • ‘Even so, the beauty and casual vibe of the place inspired us to ask around about other nudie spots, and a woman we met in the parking lot suggested that we check out the Hale Akua Shangri-La, just past Haiku on Maui's north shore.’
    • ‘In the first good thing to happen to New York City in months, nudie bars and porno theaters are - for now - totally legal.’
    • ‘Lee and the production staff take the notebook-paper nudies several steps further still by also offering non-stop peeks up dresses, at flexing crotches, at perky patooties, and so much more.’
    • ‘Having ogled females in feathers, let's move on to Sisters In Leather, a black-and-white Sixties nudie which, despite its title, is not a ‘roughie’.’
    • ‘But it wasn't always like this, sure nudie cuties have existed since forever, but little do people know that pornographic films were only legalized in 1988, until then they were prohibited.’
    • ‘Playboy runs nudies of Sable and the WWF sues for violating its ‘intellectual property.’’
    • ‘Six page report from the health department stapled to the wall behind a nudie calendar: this gem was found while wasting time between takes and trying to stay away from Stinktown.’
    • ‘By the end, I found myself wishing that Mystery Science Theater 3000 did flicks with nudie scenes in them.’
    • ‘Judge Amanda DeWees was asked to pose for a nudie calendar in a good cause, but something about the representative from ‘Cantaloupes Against Cancer’ gave her second thoughts.’
    • ‘Don't worry about letting him out, even if he is going to a nudie bar.’


  • Portraying, featuring, or including people in the nude.

    ‘a nudie bar’
    • ‘To draw attention to her search, she's decided to take it all off and pose for nudie publications.’
    • ‘It would appear that looking for nudie pictures of the daughter of the most powerful man on the planet is not a particularly acceptable thing.’
    • ‘It bounces so violently between nudie cutie comedy and debauched sex psycho picture that there ought to be a whiplash warning during the opening credits.’
    • ‘Frankly, Larry, I don't care if she's got nudie pics.’
    • ‘As the proud owner of 150 copies of the Python supplement, I read with rapt attention the many letters regarding its famous nudie cover.’
    • ‘Which would have been nice, but they made us take all our camp beds and nudie calendars home.’
    • ‘Scorsese reinforces the point by juxtaposing images of his own mother preparing food for prim and well-behaved children with the nudie pin-ups that adorn the walls at the hang-out of J.R. and his pals.’
    • ‘It's as if something so pedestrian as a picture and a headline couldn't possibly influence anyone; as if, in order to work, advertising must have nudie pictures and death symbols.’
    • ‘You're in the thick of a bustling adult-entertainment district called The Block, where the nudie clubs and X-rated shops became famous in the fifties.’
    • ‘You survived Dave Friedman and Herschell Gordon Lewis' nudie and gore flicks.’
    • ‘But the no-dialogue, bright-colored nudie comedy was a limited format, and it took a while for him to think of something else.’
    • ‘On top of this, they hang out at a nudie bar called The Bada Bing, they pine for the old days when there was still honor in the mob and grouse when confronted with the idea of paying five dollars for a cup of cappuccino.’
    • ‘Ruthie, Kaia and two of their friends were hanging out in the backyard taking nudie photos of one another as they applied suntan oil.’
    • ‘The commentary is quite entertaining, full of exactly the kinds of stories one would expect from the making of a low budget, non-union, nudie flick about cheerleaders.’
    • ‘They don't want to hear the cuss words, see the nudie shots, sit through the gore, etc.’
    • ‘But matriculating members of society are championed for such nonsensical behavior, even going so far as to have this movie (and other more slanderous DVD nudie presentations) made about it.’
    • ‘We know the nudie WI calendar story so very well, there is none of the element of surprise of The Full Monty, and the publicity feels like it has dragged on for more than a calendar year.’
    • ‘He saw this nudie bar on the way there and pulled over.’
    • ‘You have to wonder who the makers of Sinderella and the Golden Bra were targeting when they conceived and shot this faux fairy tale take on the nudie cutie.’
    • ‘One night I was abducted and forcibly exposed to nudie bars.’