Definition of nucleosomal in US English:



  • See nucleosome

    • ‘Chromatin is a complex molecular structure composed of nucleosomal repeats in which 147 bp of DNA are wrapped around two copies of the four core histones, H2A, H2B, H3, and H4.’
    • ‘Many of these changes are larger in scale than suggested from previous studies and involve a number of DNA-mediated events, including a preference for the removal of a complete turn of nucleosomal DNA.’
    • ‘In wild-type cells, the repressed state spreads unidirectionally through nucleosomal chromatin.’
    • ‘Histones are small basic proteins encoded by a multigene family and are responsible for the nucleosomal organization of chromatin in eukaryotes.’
    • ‘The failure to recover mutations in genes encoding nucleosomal histones in this screen may be due to the presence of numerous copies of the histone gene cluster in flies.’