Definition of nuclear umbrella in US English:

nuclear umbrella


  • The supposed protection gained from an alliance with a country possessing nuclear weapons.

    • ‘If North Korea were to develop this capacity, Japan would become completely dependent on America's nuclear umbrella.’
    • ‘They could jiggle the American nuclear umbrella protecting the West and perhaps deal NATO a fatal political blow.’
    • ‘A North Korea with nuclear weapons, coupled with its ability to deliver them, might lead Japanese policymakers to doubt the adequacy of the U.S. protective nuclear umbrella.’
    • ‘My Labour coalition colleagues have talked of the disgraceful plans National has to take us into unilaterally declared foreign wars and put us under the nuclear umbrella, which the vast majority of New Zealanders do not want.’
    • ‘North Korea has called for the withdrawal of the ‘U.S. nuclear threat’ from South Korea and Japan, both of which it says fall under the U.S. nuclear umbrella.’
    • ‘The Canadian military is too small and ineffective to generate much centripetal force, having long since retreated behind America's good will, large military, and nuclear umbrella.’
    • ‘With the continued coverage of the US nuclear umbrella, Korea could forego this threat to regional stability and maintain its nuclear-free status.’
    • ‘But I stated very clearly that the National Party and ACT, if they formed a Government, would put that policy in danger, and that their policy was to gradually take us back under the nuclear umbrella.’
    • ‘The Japanese government values its close relations with the United States, and it remains dependent on the United States nuclear umbrella.’
    • ‘As the tension between Moscow and the U.S. deepened, high-profile strategic alliances brought friendly countries under the American nuclear umbrella.’
    • ‘Only now he'd be operating under his own nuclear umbrella, believing - not without some justification - that his nukes would deter us.’
    • ‘The reserve muddle persisted because army leaders realized belatedly that under the nuclear umbrella, planning for mass war and total mobilization seemed increasingly unlikely.’
    • ‘We put Europe under our nuclear umbrella, claiming we'd allow our own cities to be destroyed, if the Soviets ever threatened Paris or Bonn.’
    • ‘It was probably the US nuclear umbrella that ensured that the long-planned armoured battle in Europe's central region never took place, and after the fall of the Warsaw Pact many commentators belittled its military potential.’
    • ‘Unless there is a radical change in the US non-proliferation policy, Japan would also face intense opposition from Washington if it claimed it could no longer rely on sheltering under America's nuclear umbrella.’
    • ‘In the cold war era, when Britain was wholly dependent on America's nuclear umbrella, the relationship was bound to be unequal.’
    • ‘For most people the War was already unthinkable; the whole madness of the nuclear umbrella over our heads was just a nightmare that would sooner or later go away.’
    • ‘Because Japan cannot rely on its three nonnuclear principles for its strategic security, the United States must also continue to supply a credible nuclear umbrella over Japan.’
    • ‘Under the seemingly reassuring shadow of the nuclear umbrella, however, both sides may be tempted to make limited or temporary incursions in strategically peripheral areas.’
    • ‘They seem to have forgotten that the main reason they are not under the boot of the Stalinist North already is that the United States rescued them 50 years ago and still protects them with 37,000 troops and the nuclear umbrella.’


nuclear umbrella

/ˈn(y)o͞okyələr ˌəmˈbrelə/