Definition of nuclear power in US English:

nuclear power


  • 1Electric or motive power generated by a nuclear reactor.

    • ‘Yes, at maximum capacity the scheme would generate about half as much power as Torness nuclear power station.’
    • ‘That is about half of the electricity generated by the Torness nuclear power station in East Lothian.’
    • ‘It is a green light to the nuclear industry, indicating support for a new generation of nuclear power stations.’
    • ‘Scotland has more than sufficient capacity without nuclear power to meet its electricity requirements.’
    • ‘We seem to be uneasy about the generation of electricity by nuclear power, although it is far less polluting than fossil fuels.’
    • ‘Liberals also need to get over their allergy to the cleanest form of energy, nuclear power.’
    • ‘The main example I chose was the use of nuclear power for electricity generation.’
    • ‘Germany has shut 16 nuclear reactors as part of a plan to eliminate nuclear power from its energy mix.’
    • ‘The Austrians have voted not to generate electricity from nuclear power stations.’
    • ‘The Chinese are claiming this is the biggest advance in nuclear power generation for 25 years.’
    • ‘However, energy requirements may come from solar power, or even nuclear power in Britain.’
    • ‘Smith identifies the problems that must be addressed if nuclear power is to be expanded.’
    • ‘Uncertainty over what to do with nuclear waste bedevils nuclear power.’
    • ‘Hence the first generation of nuclear power stations, with the exception of Trawsfynydd, was located on the coast.’
    • ‘I will focus on three key areas: carbon management, renewable energy, and nuclear power.’
    • ‘The third hurdle that nuclear power advocates must overcome is radioactive waste.’
    • ‘But that is not enough to explain the real antipathy to, say, nuclear power generation.’
    • ‘I happen to be a supporter of nuclear power for the electrical power grids upgrade.’
    • ‘So even if you double that, it doesn't really affect the generating cost of nuclear power.’
    • ‘But the dream of a new generation of nuclear power may prove to be the real casualty of last week's events.’
    energy, electrical power, solar power, steam power, water power
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  • 2A country that has nuclear weapons.

    • ‘Asean wants the nuclear powers, who have been reluctant to acknowledge the treaty, to agree to protocol measures attached to the treaty.’
    • ‘Years are going by, but the major nuclear powers are keeping their weapons despite the absence of strategic conflict.’
    • ‘The international observers at the storage sites would warn if any one of the eight nuclear powers prepared weapons for use.’
    • ‘There was also considerable concern expressed throughout Europe, as well as by other nuclear powers not currently on the US target list.’
    • ‘More serious still, the US intervention in Afghanistan is threatening to spark off a war between south Asia's two nuclear powers, India and Pakistan.’
    • ‘The two nuclear powers stand dangerously close to war.’
    • ‘As you know, five of those countries are not nuclear powers, at least not as far as the United States knows.’
    • ‘Five nuclear powers dominate the UN's security council, which authorises military action against other countries.’
    • ‘But what message does this send out to countries that want to become nuclear powers themselves?’
    • ‘Both the president and his challenger conveniently suppose that diplomacy will somehow break what looks like the determination of both countries to become nuclear powers.’
    • ‘The five original nuclear powers have suspended production of fissionable material for weapons but a treaty on this has been blocked by India and Pakistan.’
    • ‘With both countries being nuclear powers, tense relations could jeopardise one fourth of the world's population, he added.’
    • ‘A consensus emerged that the number of nuclear weapons in the world needed to be drastically reduced, and that no new nuclear powers should be allowed to emerge to increase the risk even further.’
    • ‘The phrase ‘nuclear cricket’ was used to describe the test series between India and Pakistan in 1999, the year both nations became nuclear powers.’
    • ‘And thus, you would have the danger of a conflict between two nuclear powers.’
    • ‘There is no need for those countries to be nuclear powers in their own right as long as they are allied with the United States.’
    • ‘Currently the two nuclear powers have about 6,000 to 7,000 warheads each, and these would be cut to between 1,500 and 2,200.’
    • ‘Many countries aspiring to be nuclear powers can learn from their experiences.’
    • ‘After all, the ultimate threat from the nuclear powers would be to do to Pakistan what India was in the process of doing anyway, namely, punishing it militarily.’
    • ‘It was American mediation between Pakistan and India that defused tension between these two nuclear powers on at least two critical occasions.’


nuclear power

/ˈn(j)uklɪ(ə)r ˈˌpaʊ(ə)r/