Definition of nuclear medicine in US English:

nuclear medicine


  • The branch of medicine that deals with the use of radioactive substances in research, diagnosis, and treatment.

    • ‘The weak force is harnessed in modern hospitals in the form of radioactive tracers used in nuclear medicine.’
    • ‘The nuclear medicine physician should be aware of certain imaging pitfalls when trying to establish the diagnosis of biliary atresia.’
    • ‘Current imaging for bronchogenic carcinoma makes use of plain chest radiographs, CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine.’
    • ‘A learning curve exists for this procedure for the multidisciplinary team of surgeons, nuclear medicine physicians, and pathologists, and caution should be exercised by using quality control measures and validating results.’
    • ‘Scanning is usually performed in a hospital's nuclear medicine department.’
    • ‘Scan reading was qualitative, performed by two independent, experienced nuclear medicine physicians blinded to the results of the other tests.’
    • ‘Radiogenic cancers have long latency periods, and the model may therefore overestimate the risk of fatal cancer in a population with a skewed age distribution, such as radiology or nuclear medicine patients’
    • ‘He did his internship and residency in internal medicine at Emory University and completed a residency in nuclear medicine at the University of California, San Diego.’
    • ‘Use of nuclear medicine in the treatment of thyroid disorders is usually contested.’
    • ‘Radiological and nuclear medicine examinations confer a definite (albeit low) long term risk of cancer, but patients undergoing such examinations often receive no or inaccurate information about these risks.’
    • ‘Confirmation of a stress fracture is best made using triple phase nuclear medicine bone scan or magnetic resonance imaging.’
    • ‘Successful sentinel lymph node biopsy involves quality control and a concerted effort among the nuclear medicine physician, radiologist, surgeon, and pathologist.’
    • ‘Angiography or nuclear medicine studies can be useful to localize lower GI bleeding.’
    • ‘Certain hospitals make use of radioactive material in the research areas of nuclear medicine.’
    • ‘The advent of echocardiography, cardiac catheterisation, and nuclear medicine have since improved the diagnosis and investigation of patients with heart failure.’
    • ‘Developing new treatments in nuclear medicine, improving the performance of semiconductors and new methods for monitoring environmental health are all potential outcomes of research at RIA.’
    • ‘This includes staff members in mammography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, physical medicine, and clinics.’
    • ‘Previous attempts to diagnose thromboemboli using radiolabeled antibodies and nuclear medicine imaging have been disappointing.’
    • ‘Use of the scanner results in an alteration of treatment in about 77 per cent of cases, according to Dr George Duffy, consultant physician in nuclear medicine at Blackrock Clinic.’
    • ‘Diagnostic nuclear medicine has also become more common, adding to the average exposure to radiation.’