Definition of nubility in US English:



  • See nubile

    • ‘Sexuality, sexiness and nubility are all things that come from the inside and with Icelandic girls it shows on the outside.’
    • ‘Greer describes infancy and childhood as a woman's first age; her adolescence and nubility as her second, wifedom her third, motherhood her fourth and the end of mothering and the beginning of grandmotherhood as her fifth.’
    • ‘A film like this generally turns on a ‘brave’ central performance, critical shorthand for any role that bestows sexuality on an actor who has progressed past nubility.’
    • ‘Maybe that was the target audience of the slasher films: bitter middle-aged men chortling mirthlessly at the sight of dismembered nubility.’
    • ‘Talk of ‘the over-sexualisation of the teenage girl’ might sound like an oxymoron - nothing is sexier than nubility if the goals of beauty products (clear, unwrinkled skin, blonde hair) and gyms (lissom bodies with firm flesh) are listed.’