Definition of noxiously in US English:



  • See noxious

    • ‘Other targets, sorted according to the noxiously specific Nazi taxonomy, were housed elsewhere.’
    • ‘A threatening new creature rises from Japan's sludge-ridden Suruga Bay, feeds on the noxiously fuming smokestacks of Osaka, and sprays an acidic cloud that dissolves human flesh on contact.’
    • ‘His personal sadism and the ‘kick’ he gets from exercising this ultimate power was revealed most noxiously in his public mimicking of the plea for clemency by a condemned woman.’
    • ‘On the contrary, it is turning even more sharply to the right, embracing the most noxiously reactionary ideologies and relying ever more heavily on the police and military powers of the state.’
    • ‘He had a marked aversion to garbage, and this saw him take frequent trips to the dump to rid himself of that noxiously insidious but ever-accumulating stuff.’