Definition of nowheresville in English:



  • A place or situation of no significance, promise, or interest.

    ‘some American village that might justifiably lay claim to the title “Nowheresville.”’
    • ‘The new council need to take a greater interest in conservation than the previous incumbents, otherwise a once historic city will be turned into a bland, soulless, nowheresville.’
    • ‘Thom is hardly the first pop artist to benefit from a nifty bit of promotion, although the massive campaign to promote her as some nobody from nowheresville does appear a bit cynical, even by the low standards of the modern music industry.’
    • ‘And try not to make it back too late, Adeline may be a sleepy nowheresville of a town, kiddo, but I still don't like the thought of you running around in the dark.’
    • ‘It may not be too late to save the city from becoming another Americanized east Asian nowheresville.’
    • ‘Anagnos's lively documentary follows Haack's story, from nowheresville to Juilliard, to his People-odeon and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, settling on his extensive efforts for kids with sidekick Esther Nelson.’
    • ‘Reflecting the relationship - both positive and negative - between the European and Aboriginal communities in small town nowheresville Australia, as well as domestic violence, growing up, and inter-racial romance.’
    • ‘The setting is a nowheresville town in Midwestern America, the sort of place that pins its hopes and dreams on the fortunes of a high school football team.’
    • ‘She and Mr. B. took a job in nowheresville - Red State central - in order to further her career, purchase a home that Mr. B. could work on, and live somewhere where one salary would make this life possible.’
    • ‘No, these crazy kids, who have clearly never been to the movies in their lives, decide to spend a relaxing couple of days in a cabin, in the middle of the woods, in nowheresville America.’
    • ‘About eight months ago my girlfriend of three years and I decided that our relationship was on a one-way trip to nowheresville.’
    • ‘It was only the ‘default leftist’ hayseeds out in nowheresville who would give this woman the time of day.’