Definition of nowheres in US English:



  • Nowhere.

    ‘that boat was going nowheres’
    • ‘She wouldn't go nowheres too far to get away from him.’
    • ‘‘Horse like that don't go nowheres on its own, ‘she answered with a snort.’’
    • ‘Out of nowheres, a gang of Orc bandits popped up. ‘Hmm, either they are very silent, or they are using some kind of magic that eludes my hearing’ thought Joseph.’
    • ‘She didn't have nowheres else to go, what with her being an orphan like me, so Rachel's ma kept him from letting her go.’
    • ‘The attacker came out of nowheres, attacking with insane speed, a dagger held high.’
    • ‘Station Security gets a tad annoyed when they see strange people hanging around ships, even if the ship in question ain't goin nowheres any time soon.’