Definition of now or never in US English:

now or never


  • Used to convey urgency.

    ‘it was now or never—I had to move fast’
    • ‘With the veterans gone, it is now or never for Pressley.’
    • ‘But at that moment in the hospital, I knew it was now or never.’
    • ‘It was the last day of her trip, and it was now or never.’
    • ‘On the one hand we might never again have the chance; it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, now or never.’
    • ‘In some cases they have worked in a job they hated for years and they realise it is now or never if they want to do something more meaningful with their lives.’
    • ‘Friends of the Earth GM campaigner Clare Oxborrow said: ‘It really is now or never if we want to stop the introduction of GM crops in this country.’’
    • ‘It's now or never for his generation of republicans.’
    • ‘It's now or never, the land must be returned to the people.’
    • ‘I decided I wanted to do something creative, and it was now or never.’
    • ‘But the problem that I face now is that I think we are so deep into this - we are so far down this road - that it is now or never.’