Definition of nothing of the kind in US English:

nothing of the kind


  • 1Not at all like the thing in question.

    ‘my son had done nothing of the kind before’
    • ‘The fact that the minister in question did nothing of the kind enraged other MPs.’
    • ‘The president's ‘determined assault’ on poverty is nothing of the kind.’
    • ‘Yet many of the creatures touted as ‘feathered dinosaurs’ appear to be nothing of the kind.’
    • ‘While great cities and their outlying regions often look monolithic to outsiders, they are in fact nothing of the kind.’
    • ‘Vilified by his detractors as an uncritical apologist for the Arabs, he was nothing of the kind.’
    • ‘Oh yeah, biologists treat biodiversity as an indispensable good of human existence but it's nothing of the kind.’
    • ‘Many people and organizations claiming to be ‘revolutionary,’ are, in fact, nothing of the kind.’
    • ‘This issue is being represented as linguistic, relating to a democratic right of the people to stipulate word definitions, when it's nothing of the kind.’
    • ‘The so-called questions are nothing of the kind.’
    • ‘He has described the events as a coup, but it was nothing of the kind.’
    1. 1.1 Used to express an emphatic denial.
      ‘“He made you do that?” “He did nothing of the kind.”’
      • ‘‘I am nothing of the kind,’ she said, her voice somehow remaining steady.’
      • ‘She adamantly insisted that she did nothing of the kind.’
      • ‘Just one small quibble - I wrote nothing of the kind.’
      • ‘Again, and of course, I said nothing of the kind.’
      • ‘Well, some data we have shows nothing of the kind.’
      • ‘Incidentally, for all those of you mailing in to say I spelt ‘Ottawa’ incorrectly earlier - I did nothing of the kind and have no idea what you're talking about.’
      • ‘Now it turns out they knew nothing of the kind but assured us they did anyway.’
      • ‘When asked to provide a breath sample she replied in robust terms that she was going to do nothing of the kind, said Miss Bramley.’
      • ‘When Debbie brought up the matter, the other woman insisted she had said nothing of the kind and told Debbie she was imagining things.’
      • ‘And finally, the study fuelling the latest claims about mobile phones scrambling the mind in fact shows nothing of the kind.’