Definition of nothing (or no — or none) to speak of in US English:

nothing (or no — or none) to speak of


  • Used to indicate that there is some but very little of something.

    ‘I've no capital—well, none to speak of’
    • ‘The book doesn't actually have any conflict to speak of, as a friend of mine pointed out as we were leaving.’
    • ‘They hadn't done anything to his hair, of which there wasn't much to speak of.’
    • ‘This movie doesn't have much of a plot to speak of - it mainly consists of a several skits tied together.’
    • ‘The sound is the original mono and is reproduced clearly with no noticeable hiss or noise to speak of.’
    • ‘One of the problems's there's hardly a music industry to speak of in Ukraine - at least not a legal one.’
    • ‘Whether inside or out, everyone would be able to see since there was no front and back stage to speak of, but a small circle of earth.’
    • ‘A few trailers are included on the film, but there are no major extras to speak of, which is a shame.’
    • ‘There are no extras to speak of apart from a dirty and grainy teaser trailer.’
    • ‘That one destroyer is the only one of them who's done any damage to speak of.’
    • ‘Obviously Waterloo lacks perspective on drinking laws and apparently has no real crime to speak of.’