Definition of noteworthiness in US English:



  • See noteworthy

    • ‘Well, if you feel the same, then you're probably going to want to check out Man on Fire, a good flick that is kept from noteworthiness by some serious problems.’
    • ‘But the book's main claim to noteworthiness is its attempt to implement evolutionary criticism on a scale that has to date received little attention, and to introduce it to an audience that has to date been overlooked.’
    • ‘Personally, I think that school lunch programs have taken the path of every other bungling government bureaucracy and are achieving noteworthiness for inefficiency.’
    • ‘With stunning photographs, car after car appear, each with detailed histories on their development and noteworthiness.’
    • ‘What I found of particular noteworthiness was the exploration of just how much a part crime (as a subject matter) has played in our fiction.’