Definition of notam in US English:


(also Notam)


  • A written notification issued to pilots before a flight, advising them of circumstances relating to the state of flying.

    • ‘A memorandum to inspectors from FAA headquarters instructs them to seek the more severe sanctions for any violation of a security-related notam, Yodice said.’
    • ‘The NTSB said that the crew of the GIII had received the notam before takeoff from California, but it is investigating why ATC at Aspen did not get a copy.’
    • ‘On March 30, a day after the crash, the FAA issued a second notam for Aspen that explicitly banned all night instrument landings.’
    • ‘Frankfurt's Runway 25R ILS currently has a notam describing random but severe interference that affects its ILS guidance, and advises extreme operator caution.’
    • ‘But at the same time, the association maintained a red ‘warning’ box on its Web site, with a ‘crawl’ that urged pilots to check notams before each flight.’


1940s: from no(tice) t(o) a(ir)m(en).