Definition of not take kindly to in US English:

not take kindly to


  • Not welcome or be pleased by (someone or something).

    • ‘Bamford doesn't take kindly to this invasion of the privacy of others, whether the others are foreign states or individuals.’
    • ‘Grace is a stern taskmaster and Bible-thumper who doesn't take kindly to her little girl's ‘nonsense’ about ghosts in the house.’
    • ‘But the fun rapidly turns into a nightmare when the angry agent shows up to get his girl and doesn't take kindly to the youngster's interest.’
    • ‘This Government doesn't take kindly to law enforcement types undercutting its position.’
    • ‘They are beautiful creatures but don't take kindly to people invading their territory.’
    • ‘I talked back to her and she didn't take kindly to that.’
    • ‘During the opening scene of Undertow, his character is being pursued by an angry, shotgun-wielding neighbour who doesn't take kindly to the boy fraternising with his daughter.’
    • ‘Bob takes his art very seriously and doesn't take kindly to jokes about his dancers' limited abilities or the deeper, more spiritual side of himself so eloquently expressed in his presentations.’
    • ‘Only a few people in our team knew one of the secrets I harboured; I didn't take kindly to too many people knowing my weaknesses.’
    • ‘And we all know cons don't take kindly to softies who fake their own deaths using low-end special effects.’
    resent, dislike, object to, take umbrage at, take exception to, be offended by, take offence at, be annoyed by, be irritated by, be displeased by, be affronted by, feel aggrieved about, take something amiss, be upset by, be put out by
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