Definition of not nearly in US English:

not nearly


  • Nothing like; far from.

    ‘you're not nearly as clever as you think you are’
    • ‘It's not nearly as healthy as fresh fruit, but it still makes a tasty treat.’
    • ‘I must have had it for nearly ten years and it didn't fit anyone nearly as well as it fits you.’
    • ‘Formal qualifications are not nearly as important as physical fitness and an outgoing personality.’
    • ‘In the cold light of day things didn't seem nearly as important as they first had.’
    • ‘Something about the woman seemed familiar but not nearly enough to ring bells in my head.’
    • ‘The factor of location is important, but not nearly as important as many experts believe.’
    • ‘Someone who has no fear is not nearly as brave as someone who has fears and faces them.’
    • ‘Up at half six, and on yet another train - not nearly as nice this time - shortly after eight.’
    • ‘The problem is that our political situation is not nearly as good as our military one.’
    • ‘We understood some players would not make it, but not nearly all of them.’
    • ‘After long travelling, foul weather and false starts, the picture before us is not nearly so idyllic or clear cut.’
    • ‘By comparison, the bears in the zoo are not nearly as similar to humans as are the apes.’
    • ‘In truth, foxes are not nearly as great a menace to livestock as the hunt clubs who hunt foxes with hounds.’
    • ‘It's patronising and slightly depressing but not nearly as horrible as the final film this week.’
    • ‘Widespread rain this week has given some relief to farmers, but not nearly enough.’
    • ‘Considering the scale of the problem, this agreement was not nearly enough.’
    • ‘I feel that not nearly enough revenue is being generated in the county from these visitors.’
    • ‘A massive flop in America, the film is better than you feared but not nearly as good as you might have hoped.’
    • ‘The paid hacks are not nearly satisfied with making a living as mouthpieces of suspect leaders.’
    • ‘Some of his bigger and older teammates were not nearly so impressive.’
    • ‘We did in the end get a slightly better grant from the government, but not nearly as much as some of our colleagues.’
    • ‘They were better at the World Cup a year later, but not nearly good enough.’
    • ‘Still, she's not nearly as bald as she was a year and a half ago, and she likes her new look well enough.’