Definition of not much (or a lot of) fun in US English:

not much (or a lot of) fun


  • Used to indicate that something strikes one as extremely unpleasant and depressing.

    ‘it can't be much fun living next door to him’
    • ‘Top speed is an arthritic 62 mph, and although that still seems pretty nippy on a bike, it's not much fun for anything other than inner-city commuting.’
    • ‘I went to the odd strip club in my younger days and found them seedy and not much fun.’
    • ‘It's not much fun when it's like that… dancing with lots of sweaty men… at least it wasn't too crowded.’
    • ‘The breakdown of a relationship is not much fun, but becoming single again can really set you free.’
    • ‘But walking down the Strip and downtown in daytime during summer is not much fun as the temperature can easily reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.’
    • ‘They're not much fun on Karaoke nights, but believe me; it's worth it!’
    • ‘MacDonald said wearing the suits was not much fun.’
    • ‘‘It's not much fun to play bad golf, and I've done that before,’ Toms reflected.’
    • ‘Bloom was obviously just not much fun at parties.’
    • ‘I've been in hospital in the holiday period myself and it is not much fun.’