Definition of not blink an eye in US English:

not blink an eye


  • Show no reaction.

    • ‘She was grating Parmesan, and didn't blink an eye.’
    • ‘The man didn't blink an eye at her faux pas, however, and merely got into the car after being handed the keys and drove away.’
    • ‘I don't blink an eye when we're called amateur food writers, even though many bloggers make the monthly equivalent of one small magazine article sale, if not more.’
    • ‘The point is that the character's gay but the audience doesn't blink an eye.’
    • ‘We don't blink an eye at helping the mentally retarded; the fact that many poor people are intellectually inferior only bolsters their need for assistance from the more able.’
    • ‘He didn't blink an eye when purchasing a pair of Italian loafers for more than a thousand US dollars.’
    • ‘We don't blink an eye today when we see women doing what would once be considered jobs for the boys.’
    • ‘Our friends don't blink an eye at a $2,000 dinette set.’
    • ‘Emma, Jeff, Tina and Darcy don't blink an eye and raise their glasses along with me.’
    • ‘When his boss brought him the new assignment last fall, he didn't blink an eye.’