Definition of not a bit in US English:

not a bit


  • Not at all.

    ‘I'm not a bit tired’
    • ‘He just tossed the papers aside, not a bit interested.’
    • ‘The fact that none of these matched the dates of her royal lover, Solomon, King of Israel and Judah from 966 to 926 bc, mattered not a bit.’
    • ‘I'm not a bit surprised that other people are interested in Steve, not a bit.’
    • ‘And as our bill is tabulated by the fresh-faced high school boy behind the register, we would grab all the Safety-Pops we could and not feel guilty, not a bit.’
    • ‘But at the same time it didn't surprise me, not a bit.’
    • ‘Yet this time, those falls didn't hurt me, not a bit.’
    • ‘It matters not a bit to the agitators that great uncle Lazaro has two convictions for drunk driving, and the other, Delfin, has been in drunk-driving accidents.’
    • ‘Ignorant of this process, they worried not a bit.’
    • ‘Compared with those jokes, I think it is not a bit exaggerated to suggest that lawyers, after defending so many people, should really sit down to think about doing something in their own defence.’
    • ‘But little Risheek, a class IV student, is not a bit unnerved.’