Definition of noshery in US English:



  • A restaurant or snack bar.

    • ‘I well remember in my hometown of Sydney a place called the Elvis Pizzeria down in Rushcutters Bay that did a roaring trade as a theme noshery.’
    • ‘One munch-house boss told me that sales of their wholesale products to other nosheries and boozers supplying grub had dropped by up to 60% in the last couple of months, coinciding with a decline in rank and file in-house diners.’
    • ‘The Waffle noshery in Soi Day-Night 2 (just down from the well-known Flamingo sleeping palace) has just begun producing top-quality ice cream made from all-natural ingredients with no preservatives.’
    • ‘Run by Richard Burk, who in a past life held sway over the Dusit Resort, the noshery exudes class and style but the piece de resistance (and my piece of resistance was definitely lacking) is the chocolate fudge cake.’
    • ‘Welcome to the Wild, Wild West: The old Fowlers Pub, located at the top of Soi Skaw Beach (off Second Road), is being refurbished and will soon re-open as a Wild West-style theme boozer and noshery with hamburgers being a specialty.’
    • ‘The cafes on Place de la Comedie are overpriced, I recommend a sprint up the small hill towards the Prefecture: loads of great nosheries around Place Jean Jaures.’
    • ‘This place is more a noshery than a quick-eat diner and has the advantage of being licenced to remain open for 24 hours a day.’
    • ‘For a long time now the place has been well patronised by local ex-pats who are familiar with the noshery's location and the quality of its grub.’
    • ‘Indeed, Palace of Eats is the latest, greatest addition to the row of trendy shops and nosheries on 11th Street S.W. between 14th and 15th Avenue.’
    • ‘With low season now beginning to bite harder than a hungry dingo in a drought, the opportunities for beer boozers, ogling dens and Sierra Tango bars - as well as nosheries - to make a decent baht are severely limited.’
    • ‘In one three-week period he managed to chomp his way through $9000 on dinners at three up-market nosheries.’
    • ‘The Sportsman's Grill noshery closed its doors on October 2 for renovations that Big Steve, the quietly-spoken owner, hopes will take between three and four weeks to complete.’
    • ‘There are a couple of nosheries around Fun Town that seem to take pride in serving dishes that look like the waiter or waitress took a detour through a rainforest before reaching your table, such is the abundance of foliage on the plate.’
    • ‘I had a tasty chicken schnitzel with fried potatoes and salad as well as a cup of tea for a total bill of 85 Baht and the food was better than a posh noshery where I'd munched the night previous and had my wallet lightened to the tune of 350 Baht.’
    • ‘I'll have a slice of Perry Como and the fish and chips: The Sportsman's Grill noshery does a weekly special on Monday evenings of fish and chips at the value price of 99 baht.’
    • ‘Food can also be ordered and will be brought to your table from a couple of the nearby nosheries, including a new Indian munching palace that is already getting some good reviews.’
    • ‘Just around the corner from the Dubliner is the long-established Bourbon Street noshery and sleeping palace.’
    • ‘If you fancy a game or three of Table Football then take a wander down to The Asylum beer boozer and noshery and challenge big Rob.’
    • ‘The Taverne munching den has moved from Second Road into Soi 7, just opposite the Pig N Whistle noshery.’
    • ‘The noshery is also organising to supply a similar service to the newly-opened Blues Factory, just down the Soi Lucky Star alleyway.’