Definition of noseless in US English:



  • See nose

    • ‘The noseless man's beautiful daughter challenges her boyfriend, who ends up losing a body part, possibly on purpose, in order to fit in to her family.’
    • ‘A noseless father has a repertoire of wooden noses he's made himself - one with a rose velvet lining, another painted with flowers.’
    • ‘In previous oriental tales, Eblis had been portrayed as a clawed, noseless monster.’
    • ‘‘I've never had a glass of it myself, either, though,’ He wrinkled his noseless nose-area and examined the bottle, ‘This probably isn't the best stuff, if they're giving it away for free.’’
    • ‘The man had eventually gotten medical help, but Roswell had reported his dissent later that night, and that meant death for the noseless man sooner or later.’