Definition of Norwich terrier in US English:

Norwich terrier


  • A small thickset terrier of a breed with a rough red or black-and-tan coat and pricked ears.

    • ‘Contest judges give the nod to Winky the Norwich terrier after Eugene Levy keeps him on a short leash in ‘Best in Show’.’
    • ‘Because of the small population of Norwich terriers, most of them are left entire and bitches are rarely sold to pet homes these days.’
    • ‘On Tuesday I met Romy for lunch, another delightful rendezvous, the better to talk of Norwich terriers and what we've been reading.’
    • ‘With half of 750 square metres I have more than enough room to keep around five Norwich terriers, in my opinion, but not if I have to create a kennel and exercise section within a section.’
    • ‘We spent this morning visiting Louis, Millie's litter brother, who lives with Spencer, a nine-year old Norwich terrier and their human family.’