Definition of Norway maple in US English:

Norway maple


  • A large Eurasian maple with yellow flowers that appear before the lobed leaves, widely planted as an ornamental shade tree.

    Acer platanoides, family Aceraceae

    • ‘Like buckthorn, the Norway maple's dense canopy withholds light from shorter plants.’
    • ‘Eastern grey squirrels scurry up the Norway maple shading my bedroom window.’
    • ‘Dense shade can also occur under trees with dense foliage such as Norway maples and some conifers.’
    • ‘On my estate there are numerous Norway maples, cousins of our very own sycamore, and I for one would not care too much if this variety of forest tree were totally eradicated from my area.’
    • ‘They're adding diverse new water plants and replacing the exotic Norway maples and other trees the founders imported with thousands of native plants, such as red, white, and pin oaks.’