Definition of northern snakehead in US English:

northern snakehead


  • An Asian food fish of the carp family that is also a voracious predator. It is able to survive adverse conditions and has been inadvertently released into the wild in the US.

    Channa argus, family Channidae

    • ‘The northern snakehead is an air-breathing, freshwater fish native to waters ranging from southern Siberia to south-central China.’
    • ‘The good news is that the fish, a northern snakehead that has been targeted by biologists for the last several weeks, was caught.’
    • ‘Biologists sampling the lake captured more than 100 juvenile northern snakeheads, confirming their worst fears: The air-breathing, land-crawling, voracious predator found in a pond in Crofton, Maryland, is multiplying.’
    • ‘The discovery of a couple of northern snakehead in a small pond in Maryland two years ago made national news and triggered an expensive attempt to eradicate the non-indigenous fish.’
    • ‘Highly predatory, with a saw-toothed grin, the northern snakehead is unique in that it can ‘walk’ on land with its strong pectoral fins and migrate to other waters.’