Definition of North American in US English:

North American


  • Relating to or characteristic of North America or its inhabitants.

    ‘North American values’
    • ‘North American customers who bought the game before February could be eligible for a refund.’
    • ‘The firm polled 1,713 people between March 4 and the 19th, of which most respondents were North American.’
    • ‘In their 87-year history, Cruz Azul have amassed nine league titles and been crowned North American champions six times.’
    • ‘Rags to riches: that's the North American dream.’
    • ‘I'm told 50 per cent of the passengers are North American and 50 per cent international.’
    • ‘Now he's the North American CEO and a senior managing officer.’
    • ‘North American moviegoers must wait another couple of weeks for the film.’


  • A native or inhabitant of North America, especially a citizen of the US or Canada.

    ‘North Americans were the target audience’
    • ‘All of 500 people surveyed were North Americans.’
    • ‘A North American by birth, he spent 20 years in state and national politics in the US before moving to Indonesia.’
    • ‘Some studies have estimated that the average North American watches more than three hours of TV a day.’
    • ‘Over 30 million North Americans now play fantasy games.’
    • ‘The British are lot more reserved, and the North Americans have a lot more enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Each year, North Americans spend as much money fixing up their homes as they do buying new ones.’
    • ‘As a North American, I don't have much in the way of ingrained cultural understanding of cricket.’


North American

/ˌnɔrθ əˈmɛrəkən//ˌnôrTH əˈmerəkən/