Definition of normally in US English:



  • 1sentence adverb Under normal or usual conditions; as a rule.

    ‘normally, it takes three or four years to complete the training’
    • ‘When playing privately, this will normally be a question of agreeing house rules.’
    • ‘Faculty rules mean that advocates are normally obliged to take legal aid cases.’
    • ‘The home grower is under less pressure and conditions are not normally as sterile.’
    • ‘The development of cataracts is normally related to the natural process of ageing.’
    • ‘Patients with this condition are normally able to cope as long as there is free access to water.’
    • ‘With vulnerable customers we normally put generators in while the repairs are affected.’
    • ‘We don't normally need air conditioning so we don't have any in our house!’
    • ‘The importation of arts and crafts from Brazil will normally give rise to customs duty.’
    • ‘The normal rules governing the reception of evidence on appeals will normally apply.’
    • ‘It is quite common and normally corrects itself by the time the child has reached one year old.’
    • ‘I am waiting for the customary compliment that he normally reels off but I am kept waiting.’
    • ‘My weekend routine normally involves singing two services at church every Sunday.’
    • ‘These regulations will normally be applied at national level by a national intervention agency.’
    • ‘Such a claim is normally based on the psychological condition of one or both spouses.’
    • ‘It seems the little people and common folk normally spend their money when they drive to London for the day.’
    • ‘Although uncomfortable and embarrassing, it is not normally a serious condition.’
    • ‘One would normally expect prices to rise, in conditions of restricted supply such as these.’
    • ‘Mr Wilks believes a number of customers who would normally have parked up outside the pub simply drove on.’
    • ‘He said it was drink talking and he would not have behaved like that normally.’
    • ‘They normally occur at fairly regular cycles, but there has not been one since 1968.’
    usually, ordinarily, commonly, as a rule, as a general rule, generally, in general, in the general run of things, mostly, for the most part, by and large, mainly, most of the time, almost always, more often than not, on the whole
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  • 2In a normal manner; in the usual way.

    ‘try to breathe normally’
    • ‘They also alter the way the brain processes information to be more in line with the way the brain works normally.’
    • ‘By the standards, ethics and moral code of the time, they were behaving normally.’
    • ‘For me, this is not really a day to be in work and attempting to behave normally.’
    • ‘Once the nurse forgot to tell me to breathe normally and after about a minute I started gasping for breath.’
    • ‘It should not be used if the person is responsive when shaken or breathing normally.’
    • ‘Half a century down the line, politicians' latest instruction is to live normally and forget fear.’
    • ‘Now, of course, they suspect he was carrying out the advice he had given to Steve, to behave normally.’
    • ‘Breathe normally in this position until returning to upright position on inhalation.’
    • ‘He was behaving normally, and did not vault the barriers, even stopping to pick up a free newspaper.’
    • ‘It usually takes a few days to learn to speak normally with an appliance.’
    • ‘Now the former welder hopes breakthrough therapy in the United States will mean he can eat normally again.’
    • ‘Release the breath and hold the position for a few seconds whilst breathing normally.’
    • ‘There is a sense at the office party that most people can behave normally, as they stand around in little groups.’
    • ‘If you find yourself being spoken to, please behave as if you normally would.’
    • ‘I took my sheet and wiped my face, starting to calm down and breathe normally again.’
    • ‘I eat normally but just much earlier - usually about five hours before I go on to dance.’
    • ‘I read about three chapters of my book before I calmed down enough to breathe normally.’
    • ‘According to friends was behaving normally up to the day she disappeared.’
    • ‘Beginning to eat normally takes time and it should be done slowly so that you don't start to panic and lose control.’
    • ‘For measuring your breathing, breathe normally until the bag is fully inflated.’
    as usual, as normal, ordinarily, naturally, conventionally, regularly
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  • 3technical At right angles to a given line or surface.