Definition of normalize in English:



  • 1with object Bring or return to a normal condition or state.

    no object ‘the situation had normalized’
    ‘he wants to begin negotiations to normalize relations’
    • ‘Japan and North Korea are scheduled to hold the next round of talks on normalizing diplomatic relations later this month, possibly in Beijing.’
    • ‘The issue has been a major stumbling block to normalizing diplomatic relations between North Korea and Japan.’
    • ‘This year alone, the North has normalized diplomatic relations with 12 countries, including Belgium, Canada, Germany and Spain.’
    • ‘Between 1988 and 1994, China normalized or established diplomatic relations with 18 countries, as well as with the Soviet successor states.’
    • ‘If realized, it would be first round of negotiations for normalizing diplomatic relations between the two countries since the previous such talks were held in October 2002 in Kuala Lumpur.’
    • ‘Well, our server situation has finally normalized and we have settled in with our new hosting provider.’
    • ‘And the senior Police officer told the Democrat such attacks make a return to normalised policing all the more difficult.’
    • ‘During Clinton's two terms, the U.S. lifted its economic embargo against Vietnam in 1995, normalized its diplomatic relations with the country the same year, and reached a bilateral trade agreement in July this year.’
    • ‘The talks were originally meant to focus on normalizing diplomatic relations which would bring Japanese economic aid to North Korea.’
    • ‘According to sources, it will take at least a week's time for the situation to normalise.’
    • ‘Formal talks for normalizing diplomatic relations have been suspended since October 2002.’
    • ‘When Japan and South Korea normalized diplomatic relations in 1965, Tokyo provided Seoul with $500 million, a substantial sum at the time, in grants and loans.’
    • ‘Japan and North Korea have held three rounds of talks on normalizing diplomatic relations this year.’
    • ‘The January talks, if realized, would be the first round of negotiations on normalizing diplomatic relations since the previous talks were held in October 2002 in Kuala Lumpur.’
    • ‘He became the first U.S. ambassador to Vietnam in May 1997 after the two countries normalized diplomatic relations in 1995.’
    • ‘They predict that for February conditions will normalise, and we'll get the usual amount of rain for that month, 90mm.’
    • ‘The two countries normalized diplomatic relations in November 1991.’
    • ‘The United States has the needed leverage, including through the potential to lift sanctions and normalise diplomatic relations.’
    • ‘The adverse balance has persisted since 1965, when the two countries normalized their diplomatic relations.’
    • ‘Since China normalized its diplomatic relations with Vietnam in 1989, border trade has boomed each year and border residents from Vietnam visit China easily and freely, as long as they return by the end of the day.’
    modify, alter, regulate, tune, fine-tune, calibrate, balance
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  • 2Mathematics
    with object Multiply (a series, function or item of data) by a factor that makes the norm or some associated quantity such as an integral equal to a desired value (usually 1).

    • ‘Following convention, quantity terms were normalized using the data means to have mean values of one.’
    • ‘For this analysis, all residual values were normalized according to the square-root of the line scan intensity and plotted as a function of distance from the nearest Z line.’
    • ‘In the analysis reported here, the basis spectra are all weighted equally by normalizing each to a value of 100 at their emission maximum.’
    • ‘Areas under spectral curves were first normalized to the same value before curves were subtracted.’
    • ‘Here, threshold values are all normalized to one.’
    1. 2.1Computing (in floating-point representation) express (a number) in the standard form with regard to the position of the radix point, usually immediately following the first nonzero digit.
      adjust, regulate, fix, set, set right, set to rights, standardize, calibrate, fine-tune, make good, put in working order, overhaul
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