Definition of NorCal in US English:


(also NoCal)


  • Northern California.

    ‘I was in NorCal last week’
    ‘a picture-perfect NoCal evening’
    ‘NoCal's spectacular Shasta Cascade region’
    as modifier ‘the NorCal scene’
    • ‘It was recorded in NoCal during what was to be a songwriting weekend away for the gang.’
    • ‘Sitting under my guidebook collection is a mass of documents that hold the missing links to NorCal climbing.’
    • ‘In hindsight it may have been a mistake; we definitely could have been more productive had we spent another day in NorCal.’
    • ‘I'm not sure where in NoCal you are, but if you're in the Bay Area, you could try an ad in Bay Area Parenting.’
    • ‘There's no way I'd be able to make the 6 hour drive this week to NoCal.’
    • ‘Sadly, there was no time to invade that part of NoCal.’
    • ‘The attitudes of life in NorCal and SoCal are so markedly different, for being in the same state.’
    • ‘Stores are pushing their spring lines when (at least for NorCal) it's too chilly and too wet to wear them.’
    • ‘At any given time in Norcal you could catch a good independent movie.’
    • ‘We took breakfast at the hotel before going to the NorCal trade exhibition at the San Mateo Expo.’


Late 19th century (originally as Nor. Cal): abbreviation of northern California.