Definition of noontide in US English:


(also noontime)


  • Noon.

    • ‘When noontime came someone knocked at the door.’
    • ‘As the morning eased into noontide, the sun shining on the crops of the farms that they passed by, Eleanor's brooding, pensive mood lifted a bit.’
    • ‘When noontime came, he noticed that Tiffany was still working.’
    • ‘About noontime, I called him and told him I was ready.’
    • ‘At noontime, even during Ramadan, the streets bustle with people doing their shopping and children spilling out of school buses.’
    midday, twelve noon, twelve midday, twelve o'clock, high noon, noontime, noonday, twelve hundred, twelve hundred hours, one-two-double-o
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