Definition of noontide in US English:


(also noontime)


  • Noon.

    • ‘At noontime, even during Ramadan, the streets bustle with people doing their shopping and children spilling out of school buses.’
    • ‘About noontime, I called him and told him I was ready.’
    • ‘When noontime came, he noticed that Tiffany was still working.’
    • ‘When noontime came someone knocked at the door.’
    • ‘As the morning eased into noontide, the sun shining on the crops of the farms that they passed by, Eleanor's brooding, pensive mood lifted a bit.’
    midday, twelve noon, twelve midday, twelve o'clock, high noon, noontime, noonday, twelve hundred, twelve hundred hours, one-two-double-o
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