Definition of nonworking in US English:



  • 1Not earning an income.

    ‘a nonworking spouse’
    • ‘Recognizing this contradiction, Illinois treats working and nonworking welfare recipients differently; the welfare time-limit clock does not tick for those who work at least 25 hours a week.’
    • ‘The nonworking homemaker and child-rearer would have as much right to the family wealth as her husband.’
    • ‘Take advantage of the Individual Retirement Account for a nonworking spouse.’
    • ‘Results show that nonworking mothers preferred kin-provided child care.’
    • ‘Nonworking adolescents were compared with adolescents who worked at least two hours per week.’
    • ‘Or maybe what links nonworking poor women with rich trophy wives is that they are commodified the most.’
    • ‘And we're retiring earlier, which leaves fewer working people to support a growing nonworking population.’
    • ‘In contrast, about one-quarter of nonworking mothers say that they would like to have a regular paid job, but are prevented from seeking work by having to look after children.’
    • ‘The idea of a nonworking wife has already become unthinkable for many middleclass men.’
    • ‘Moreover, a nonworking spouse can make a full contribution and take a full deduction, if the couple's adjusted gross income was below $150,000.’
    • ‘A Medicare equivalent would provide for the elderly and nonworking population.’
    • ‘Travel is further reduced when unemployment runs high because nonworking individuals are less likely to drive to activities like shopping or entertainment, he said.’
    • ‘That value is then divvied up based on the nonworking spouse's contribution to the working spouse's career.’
    • ‘Advertisers are realizing that working wives are a rich and growing market that can't be captured by the strategies aimed at nonworking wives.’
    • ‘We can either afford to divert that much of our output to nonworking retirees or we can't.’
    • ‘Though hard data is difficult to find, at least a percentage of nonworking adults are not working because of a lack of jobs rather than a lack of effort.’
    • ‘Many nonworking mothers, like myself, would tell you that the stigma lies with us.’
    • ‘Note that among indoor workers we included nonworking people in some age groups.’
    • ‘For the first time in history, women who are in the work force think of their lives as richer and fuller than those of their nonworking counterparts.’
    • ‘Particularly noteworthy is the finding that the presence of a nonworking woman in the household decreases the likelihood of unemployment.’
    1. 1.1 Not requiring or involving work for money.
      ‘nonworking days’
      • ‘Previous research has suggested that working environments are different from nonworking environments.’
      • ‘You need access to information, face time and schmoozing informally, off-site and in nonworking hours.’
      • ‘Breakfasts on nonworking days are sometimes major get-together events.’
      • ‘A nonuniversity individual or organization may solicit university employees in nonworking areas only if at the time of such solicitation the employees are on nonworking time.’
      • ‘Other nonworking holidays are New Year's Day, International Labor Day, Statehood Day, Anti-Fascist Struggle Day, and Patriotic Gratitude Day.’
      • ‘A weekly hour estimate is calculated by adding up hourly estimates for working and nonworking days in a single week.’
    2. 1.2 Not functional or operational.
      ‘responsible disposal of nonworking products’
      • ‘He and his young family were in the process of renovating a Clinton Hill town house (with nine nonworking fireplaces) that they bought that year for under $1 million.’
      • ‘Nonworking games often suffer the same tragic design flaw we see on old computer motherboards.’
      • ‘There are plenty of reasons for so many nonworking escalators and elevators.’
      • ‘Fill a shiny brass bucket with branches holding terminal clusters of the glossy green leaves and place in a front hallway or in a nonworking fireplace.’
      • ‘At the moment, you can buy most nonworking games for less than $250.’
      • ‘But with only a nonworking model available in late June, getting thousands of units on store shelves by the fall seems a stretch.’
      • ‘Instillation of cold cardioplegia has been used for many years by thoracic surgeons to preserve the nonworking heart during open heart surgery.’
      • ‘There would be more litter, more graffiti, more nonworking drinking fountains.’
      • ‘The mechanics kept the vehicles operational by making controlled substitutions from comparable nonworking vehicles.’
      • ‘Often they are static pages that lack search functions, have nonworking links and are infrequently updated.’
      • ‘But I bet you we could talk, and there's a lot of similarities, like the working television on top of the nonworking television.’
      • ‘Forgery of such a card should carry severe penalties to reduce the temptation present with today's nonworking system.’
      • ‘Again, these federal bureaucrats ought to first try their hand at shaping up Washington, D.C., with all its poverty, crime, and nonworking public services, before tinkering with Iraq.’
      • ‘The normal redundancy of genetic information is of no consequence for imprinted genes - if the functional copy becomes faulty, the nonworking copy can't be turned on.’
      • ‘Severely deaf children can be fitted with implants that replace a nonworking inner ear.’