Definition of nonurban in US English:



  • In, relating to, or characteristic of the areas outside a town or city.

    ‘nonurban environments’
    ‘pre-industrial and nonurban society’
    ‘natural, nonurban scenery’
    • ‘A specialist in the social and economic archaeology of Early Medieval Britain, he is currently researching non-urban coastal market sites.’
    • ‘Among non-urban working class voters, unemployment attracted the highest number of such responses.’
    • ‘Unlike missionaries from Italy and Gaul they came from a tribal, warrior society not unlike that of the English, non-urban and economically undeveloped.’
    • ‘On key issues like unemployment, the party is not sufficiently appealing to disaffected non-urban working class households.’
    • ‘The Yayoi culture was a non-urban, ranked agricultural society that left no written records.’
    • ‘The early Anglo-Saxons were a non-urban people: their important places were important for hierarchical rather than economic reasons.’
    • ‘Non-commercial bus contracts in non-urban New South Wales rely on a funding formula to secure financial support for the delivery of bus services.’
    • ‘Both concepts are rooted in the theoretical assumptions about what constitutes the essence of urban and non-urban life.’
    • ‘In years to come cities will stretch out horizontally and will be non-urban.’
    • ‘The temperature on that day was a stifling 37 degrees at noon in a few non-urban areas.’
    non-metropolitan, small-town, non-urban, outlying, rural, country, rustic, backwoods, backwater
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