Definition of nonunion in English:



  • 1Not belonging or relating to a labor union.

    ‘nonunion agreements’
    ‘nonunion farm workers’
    • ‘Australian workers, union and non-union, had expected to be paid under terms set out by Boeing in 1996.’
    • ‘Management personnel and non-union workers are being used to keep the airport running.’
    • ‘The goal has been to inform the public and non-union hotel workers about Local 1's objectives.’
    • ‘The company starts its campaign for stand alone, non-union agreements with a ballot at Warwick Farm today.’
    • ‘The company rejected negotiating a collective work contract and is pushing workers to sign up to a non-union agreement.’
    • ‘Two thirds of these are reported to be on individual, non-union workplace agreements.’
    • ‘Workers picketed the site and scuffles broke out between picketers and non-union workers.’
    • ‘Mainland is a subsidiary of contract labour operator ISO, which has been using non-union labour for years.’
    • ‘At the same time, it will continue spending taxpayer funds on the promotion of secret, non-union, individual agreements.’
    • ‘We know that this clause will be bad for non-union workers.’
    • ‘Wages rise under the pressure of union drives, especially among non-union workers.’
    • ‘To their dismay, the unions may find that many non-union workers will refuse to pay the service fee or join the union.’
    • ‘In July, the project came to a standstill for nine days when workers stopped to oppose the use of non-union contract labour on the site.’
    • ‘An agreement to restrain wages on the part of the central labour federation might not extend to the population of non-union workers.’
    • ‘The paper is produced and distributed by non-union labour.’
    • ‘Corrigan wanted a profitable company but one employing non-union labour.’
    • ‘Malev is currently believed to be attempting to have some aircraft serviced by non-union workers at Warsaw Airport.’
    • ‘South Korean banks have stated they will use non-union contract workers and managers to act as bank tellers if the action goes ahead.’
    • ‘According to Richard Freeman and Joel Rogers, forty-two million non-union workers want a union.’
    1. 1.1 (of a company) not having labor union members.
      ‘a high proportion of newly established firms are nonunion’
      • ‘The union says the air freight company violated its labor agreement by subcontracting work out to non-union businesses.’
      • ‘Quebecor subsequently sold off services employing 650 workers to a nonunion employer, Entourage.’
      • ‘Workers at foreign companies' nonunion shops make roughly the same in wages and benefits as unionized employees in Detroit.’
      • ‘The company's nonunion subsidiary, UPS Logistics, handles warehousing and just-in-time delivery for corporate clients.’
      • ‘Today the nonunion company offers employees profit sharing as part of a full benefit package that also includes health, disability, and life insurance.’
      • ‘And for every $1 spent by a nonunion competitor on health care, Safeway and Giant spend $3, said Harry Burton, lead negotiator for Giant and Safeway.’
      • ‘More than half of its workers belong to a union, while rival cable companies are typically nonunion shops.’
      • ‘The automobile industry continues to be shaken up, with non-union plants far out-competing unionized ones.’
      • ‘My husband makes over $20 an hour in his trade, but, as is common in Alberta, he's in a nonunion company.’
      • ‘The staff wanted to focus on strengthening the contract, but workers in a poll emphasized organizing the nonunion hotels.’
      • ‘With the help of Local 1877, some were hired by other unionized cleaning companies, others found employment in small, nonunion janitorial firms, and still others found work as cooks, dishwashers, and in other menial jobs.’
      • ‘What's more, management won greater freedom to subcontract work to nonunion and overseas companies, as well as the ability to slash costs further by using vendors to deliver parts right to the factory floor.’
      • ‘Interestingly, he actually resents that Honda and Toyota are the architects of the current fleet of hybrids available in the U.S. and further resents that their U.S. plants building other cars and products are nonunion.’
      • ‘To avoid the rigid, vertical organizational structure of large cleaning firms, Sonix contracted with small, nonunion cleaning firms with a decentralized bureaucratic structure.’
      • ‘Patrick Corbin, who once danced with the Joffrey Ballet, an AGMA company, now dances with the nonunion Paul Taylor Dance Company, where artists and management work on faith and a handshake.’
      • ‘It will be a nonunion shop whose first-year production will be 150,000 Sonata sedans for the U.S. market.’
      • ‘In Detroit, as the auto industry cut jobs and spun off its auto parts manufacturing, often to nonunion companies, the incomes and communities of workers were devastated.’
      • ‘Metaldyne will allow the UAW to recruit new members at its 10 nonunion plants and establish union jurisdiction without having to hold an election under the auspices of the National Labor Relations Board.’
      • ‘Still, he says, ‘I don't ever see this being a nonunion company.’’
      • ‘The response of the Teamsters union to deregulation was to impose the wage cuts, longer hours and mass layoffs that the older carriers demanded in order to compete with nonunion companies.’
    2. 1.2 Not done or produced by members of a labor union.
      ‘he sells nonunion doughnuts’