Definition of nontraditional in US English:



  • New and different from an established norm, custom, or method.

    ‘moves to encourage women into nontraditional occupations’
    • ‘Wherever possible, less costly, nontraditional alternatives, especially conservation measures, should be fully evaluated as options.’
    • ‘The constitutional amendment would define marriage as between a man and a woman not merely for federal purposes but for all purposes, preventing any state from allowing nontraditional marriages.’
    • ‘Are gay activists in a unique position to lead a broader agenda that includes straight couples and nontraditional families?’
    • ‘The one goal the project did not achieve was getting the women to consider nontraditional careers.’
    • ‘Of course, these new modes of advertising won't stay nontraditional for long.’
    • ‘She is a very nontraditional, complicated, independent, and passionately driven woman.’
    • ‘For my own printmaking, I looked for a nontraditional surface.’
    • ‘It also has a nontraditional cut and a loose, slightly bulky fit.’
    • ‘Vocational training programs were also started in such traditionally female professions as tailoring and typing, as well as in nontraditional skills of carpentry, masonry, and electrical and plumbing service.’
    • ‘Nontraditional health care practices vary in the degree to which they are compatible with traditional health care methods.’
    • ‘The research in this division has generally reflected the nontraditional interdisciplinary nature of its mission.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the use of nontraditional therapies may result in delayed seeking of traditional health care options (eg, surgery) and worsening symptoms.’
    • ‘The few examinations of the use of nontraditional research methods in psychology converge on three points.’
    • ‘Most nontraditional superintendents were hired not on the basis of a reasoned assessment of their skills but because they were considered forceful individuals.’
    • ‘It is difficult under the best of circumstances to corral nontraditional voters and turn them out at the polls.’
    • ‘As a result, newer office designs incorporate fewer on-site amenities, emphasizing instead accessible locations and the provision of resources for nontraditional work arrangements.’
    • ‘All 20 chapters are brief overviews of medical issues relevant to men, with the topics organized in a nontraditional way.’
    • ‘School districts are also considering even more nontraditional methods such as reuse of old commercial and industrial buildings and partnerships with communities.’
    • ‘The multimillion-dollar campaign also will involve some nontraditional marketing.’
    • ‘Many were raised in the church; others are determinedly secular or nontraditional spiritual seekers.’