Definition of nontheism in US English:



  • See nontheistic

    • ‘The non-theism of this tradition makes it most compatible with the predominantly secular character of the peace movement.’
    • ‘Scientific findings about the age of the Earth, Darwin's theory of evolution, and biblical criticism had fueled the first major expansion of nontheism at Christianity's expense among ordinary Europeans.’
    • ‘As von Glassenapp indicates, non-theism is fundamental to Buddhism and stands right at the heart of its spirituality.’
    • ‘Similarly, students could study, as part of their understanding of Western monotheism and Eastern pantheism and non-theism, different ideas about how the metaphysical acts upon and manifests in the physical.’
    • ‘I may represent the "average" convert from conventional thinking to skepticism and non-theism.’
    non-belief, non-theism, disbelief, unbelief, scepticism, doubt, agnosticism, irreligion, godlessness, ungodliness, profaneness, impiety, heresy, apostasy, paganism, heathenism, freethinking, nihilism
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