Definition of nonswimmer in US English:



  • A person who cannot or does not swim.

    • ‘It was my wife who first saw the child in the water, following which we rang the emergency services and then sought assistance, as we are both non-swimmers.’
    • ‘She is being recognized for jumping into the frigid waters of the inlet twice to rescue a 28-year-old man, a non-swimmer, who had fallen off a pier and was found by the teenager clinging for his life to the pilings.’
    • ‘Wind direction also seems to be immaterial and both swimmers and non-swimmers are affected.’
    • ‘Though a non-swimmer, he managed to scramble back onto the wreck.’
    • ‘The club catered for people of all ages, from four-year-old non-swimmers to competent team members and an adult teaching class.’
    • ‘If you're a non-swimmer, take a tour that brings you to a coral cay rather than the open sea.’
    • ‘When he falls in deep water, the non-swimmer should lie flat on his back, let his head submerge and keep only his nose and mouth above the surface.’
    • ‘The session offers complete privacy and non-swimmers have seen a significant improvement in their swimming ability.’
    • ‘I wasn't the only non-swimmer in our class, of course.’
    • ‘While many students take it in stride, the test raises anxieties for non-swimmers or those who fear embarrassing failure in front of their new peers.’
    • ‘The students had a great time participating in lots of different water events organized for both swimmers and non-swimmers.’
    • ‘The 14-year-old non-swimmer, who has not yet been named, was missing underwater for about 30 minutes yesterday at the beauty spot at Womersley, known locally as the Blue Lagoon.’
    • ‘Alishia Muehlfarth kept the nearly unconscious non-swimmer afloat until emergency paramedics arrived to haul him out.’
    • ‘His sister Diana left him unsupervised for 15 minutes in the non-swimmers ' pool.’
    • ‘Most of the readers of All the Year Round were, one guesses, non-swimmers.’
    • ‘Swimming aids are available for non-swimmers who want to experience the magic of the reef.’
    • ‘Almost every single one comes to us as a non-swimmer, and we turn them into someone not only capable of staying afloat, but also of performing in competition.’
    • ‘Minutes earlier the eight-year-old non-swimmer had told a friend he was going to ‘have one last jump’, despite being told by his father to stay out of the water.’
    • ‘The non-swimmer didn't think about his safety but leapt into the 33 year old rubber boat and made his way down the pier.’
    • ‘But half of all schools had found it necessary to reduce the time they allocated for swimming and were failing to make any provision for non-swimmers or reluctant swimmers.’