Definition of nonstruck in US English:



  • 1Not having been the subject of a labor strike.

    ‘nonstruck Association members’
    • ‘Such output increases in nonstruck firms would be consistent with post-strike gains for nonstruck firms and post-strike losses for struck firms.’
    • ‘Thus, we note that the Employers here include national chains whose ability to operate in nonstruck cities will affect their ability to withstand a strike in another city.’
    • ‘The newsboy speakers played to the larger public through the reporters from the nonstruck papers.’
    • ‘Employees locked out by nonstruck employers were not eligible for unemployment benefits.’
    • ‘The union made no objection to the deliveries of coal to Carrier, since the nonstruck General Electric plant obtained its coal from Carrier.’
  • 2Not having been stricken.

    ‘occupants of the nonstruck side of the vehicle’
  • 3Not having been eliminated.

    ‘nonstruck jurors’