Definition of nonstarter in English:



  • 1A person or animal that fails to take part in a race.

    • ‘The plane was actually built in 1932 and appeared at the Cleveland races that year but was a non-starter.’
    • ‘McRae's younger brother, Alister, was a non-starter in the rally as he is still recovering from his own mountain-bike accident, which forced him out of San Remo and caused him to withdraw from the New Zealand event as well.’
    unimportant person, person of no importance, person of no account, nobody, cipher, non-person, man of straw, nothing, small fry, lightweight
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    1. 1.1informal A person, plan, or idea that has no chance of succeeding or being effective.
      • ‘For the hospital to be looking to the council to create extra parking now is just a non-starter.’
      • ‘Had either of these companies withheld that support, Apple's plan could easily have become a non-starter.’
      • ‘If we had been from here we would have realised a lot sooner the restaurant was a non-starter.’
      • ‘The ‘secret location’ plan is clearly a non-starter and should be ditched immediately.’
      • ‘However the 23-year-old is not in Beckham's class and so for now the player exchange looks to be a non-starter.’
      • ‘I don't think any of the ideas are non-starters.’
      • ‘We will have to pursue that a bit more but, if it's a non-starter, we will go somewhere else.’
      • ‘That makes many of your 10 key issues non-starters.’
      • ‘‘What we are saying is that this is a non-starter,’ he said at a news conference at the NAR's Victoria Square, Port-of-Spain headquarters.’
      • ‘The specific mention of ‘creation’ and ‘religious theories’ makes that one a complete non-starter legally.’
      • ‘And there are plenty of military types willing to concede that the ‘plan’ may be a non-starter.’
      • ‘He said trying to get Americans interested in deals outside the US was a non-starter at the moment.’
      • ‘Some of the proposals in Future are guaranteed to be political non-starters.’
      • ‘I regard the application under Order 12 rule 8 effectively as a non-starter.’
      • ‘Until the recent House action, however, every plan to address the shortfall had been a non-starter on Capitol Hill.’
      • ‘However, in effect this remained a non-starter.’
      • ‘This was essentially a non-starter because it relied on European cooperation and American financial support which was never likely to be forthcoming.’
      • ‘Firstly, and most importantly, without the full backing of England, the tournament would be a non-starter.’
      • ‘But any effective effort at doing this is likely to be a non-starter with one of the most powerful Democratic interest groups.’
      • ‘Both ideas are non-starters and I would hope that the executive will put the report where it belongs - in the wastepaper basket.’
      failure, fiasco, catastrophe, mess, debacle
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