Definition of nonstaining in US English:



  • 1Not causing a stain.

    ‘nonstaining modeling clay’
    • ‘Nonstaining mortars and flashing should be used with marble.’
    • ‘The formula is nontoxic, o-ring friendly, nonstaining and will not degrade rubber or polymers.’
    • ‘For younger artists, it is a nonstaining modeling clay that is nonhardening and nontoxic.’
    • ‘With flocks, the problem is often caused by not using a nonstaining adhesive or by using inappropriate tools when hanging.’
    1. 1.1 Not responding to the application of a stain or dye.
      ‘nonstaining cells’
      • ‘In translocation heterozygotes of maize, segregation produces nonviable gametes and can be detected by a high frequency of nonstaining pollen.’
      • ‘Centromeres are the nonstaining primary constriction of a chromosome that separates the short arm from the long arm.’
      • ‘Nonstaining regions of the gel indicated proteinase activity.’