Definition of nonspiritual in US English:



  • Not associated with or interested in religious or spiritual matters.

    ‘nonspiritual pursuits’
    ‘for a man who claimed that he was nonspiritual, he was very interested in the world of consciousness’
    • ‘Most of the objections seem to be based in the idea that Science is a selfish, non-spiritual, power-making discipline.’
    • ‘When you begin with the premise that all spiritual matters must have some non-spiritual explanation, then the process of enquiry is much like that of peeling an onion.’
    • ‘In a sense, concentration is the most generic form of mind training, with many non-spiritual applications as well.’
    • ‘I instinctively knew that a non-spiritual path would fail - the problem was so deeply rooted that only a healer could touch it.’
    • ‘That kind of attitude is totally non-spiritual, whereas learning to integrate with the body, to reconnect with or "remember" the body, is a spiritual exercise.’
    • ‘If I am "spiritual but not religious," can I face a decidedly non-spiritual world with the virtues that attracted me to spiritual life to begin with?’
    • ‘Agnostic and "non-spiritual" students are often ambivalent towards their own status, having learned that it is better not to cause waves than to openly "choose a side."’
    • ‘A variety of businesses catered to the nonspiritual needs of the vast numbers of pilgrims swarming to Ise.’
    • ‘Without going into specifics, I've noticed that some writers, and even some bloggers, can be reasonable and agreeable (even when disagreeing) on non-spiritual matters.’