Definition of nonspeaking in US English:



  • 1(of a role or part) not requiring the actor to speak.

    • ‘The role is a nonspeaking part, although the figure of Ferrigno looms large in the film as Arnold's primary competition at the '74 Olympia.’
    • ‘It is, to be sure, hard to convey the Cultural Revolution with only three speaking parts and one nonspeaking one.’
    • ‘Pylades is (rather awkwardly) written as a nonspeaking part, and the two silent members of the three-woman Chorus are no little girls, and quite marginal besides.’
    • ‘He can perform The Flight of the Bumblebee on the tambourine, peppers Stephen Hawking with letters, and has the (nonspeaking) part of Yorick in the school production of Hamlet.’
    • ‘Redford includes a nonspeaking part for a real-life Atlanta Journal sports writer (with whom I once worked) who is fondly remembered.’
    • ‘Her version of the production, partly hindered by the absence of the requisite two-tiered set and by her cutting down the nonspeaking roles from six to four, lacks some much-needed bite.’
    • ‘After last year's string of commercials, game show appearances and straight-to-video low-budget flicks, he breaks into the big time this summer with a nonspeaking role in a major blockbuster.’
    1. 1.1 Unable or unwilling to speak.
      ‘the equipment will make an amazing difference to nonspeaking children at the school’
      • ‘The difference between the East and the West is a difference between the nonspeaking but laboring hands of the East and the expressive and affective culture of the West.’
      • ‘We present the results of a pilot study to describe the communication abilities, methods, and content among nonspeaking nonsurviving patients who received mechanical ventilation in an ICU.’
      • ‘Or is it that any bond with a nonspeaking creature is proof of congenital feeble mindedness?’
      • ‘The use of electronic augmentative and alternative communication techniques may enable more frequent patient-initiated communication among nonspeaking ICU patients.’
      • ‘The purpose of this study was to describe the ability to communicate, communication methods, and content of communications in nonspeaking nonsurviving patients treated with mechanical ventilation in an ICU.’
      • ‘The influence of family presence on communication interactions with nonspeaking critically ill patients is an understudied and complex sociopsychological phenomenon.’
      • ‘These findings suggest that anger, fear, and worry are most significant for nonspeaking critically ill patients who are at greatest risk of dying in the ICU.’
      • ‘Therefore, our data most likely underrepresent the communication abilities and communication interactions of nonspeaking seriously ill adults.’
      • ‘Our objective is to describe the communication ability, methods, and content among nonspeaking nonsurviving patients treated with mechanical ventilation in an intensive care unit.’
      • ‘In studying communication-related responses among nonspeaking patients treated with mechanical ventilation, Menzel found that patients had greatest difficulty in communicating with their family members.’