Definition of nonresistant in US English:



  • 1(of an organism) vulnerable to particular diseases or pathogens.

    ‘nonresistant rice plants’
    • ‘It is important to recognize that resistance also affects the treatment of individuals with nonresistant organisms.’
    • ‘In the presence of nonresistant bacteria,, it acts like a typical antibiotic to block bacterial cell wall synthesis.’
    • ‘In laboratory tests,the drug was shown to be 30 times more effective than penicillin in nonresistant bacteria and 1,000 times more toxic to resistant bacteria compared to nonresistant bacteria.’
    • ‘She has adapted a faster laboratory test that uses color to distinguish coumaphos-resistant ticks from nonresistant ones.’
    • ‘Similarly, fruit flies selected to resist the attacks of parasites are less competitive foragers than their nonresistant counter-parts.’
    • ‘If the farmer chooses a nonresistant variety and the spring emergence of adult sawflies is large, there is only a 1-to 2-week period in which to spray insecticides.’
    • ‘However, these resistance-conferring alleles are often accompanied by a reduction in fitness relative to the nonresistant wild type that is exposed in the absence of the selective agent.’
    • ‘The resistance genes that she and her colleagues are studying can be inserted into nonresistant rice plants to trigger their defenses.’
    • ‘Quinolones are safe and effective for treating nonresistant gonococcal infections.’
    • ‘The suppression of immune responses is costly, in particular for nonresistant individuals with high levels of somatic infections.’
    • ‘Its lead drug candidate is a new class of cephalosporin antibiotic that provides a two-pronged attack against drug-resistant and nonresistant bacteria.’
    • ‘But he said the opposite scenario is that more subclinically ill food animals would go to the processing plants, leading to many more human cases of nonresistant Campylobacter infection.’
    • ‘So first the farmer must decide whether to plant a higher yielding, nonresistant variety or one that's resistant and that directs more of its energy into making thick stems.’
    • ‘This suggests that UV-resistant species might take advantage of an increased UV-B permeation, whereas nonresistant species could be eliminated.’
  • 2Not mounting resistance to authority.

    ‘nonresistant pacifism’
    • ‘Nonresistant sects, notably Mennonites and Brethren, also developed active forms of pacifism such as humanitarian service for war victims.’