Definition of nonresistance in US English:



  • The practice or principle of not resisting authority, even when it is unjustly exercised.

    • ‘It reached its height in 1710 when the Whigs impeached the Tory divine, Dr Sacheverell, for preaching the old doctrine of non-resistance.’
    • ‘The trouble is that those who urged non-resistance to fascism then were, by and large, those who urged that we leave fascism in place more recently.’
    • ‘Reagan signaled that the period of non-resistance was over, and this gave us hope.’
    • ‘She points out that the Mennonite doctrine of non-resistance affected women very differently than men.’
    • ‘He was the first to publish articles exposing the atrocities committed and he deprecated the policy of non-resistance.’
    compliance, submissiveness, yielding, malleability, acquiescence, tractability, tractableness, manageability, unassertiveness, non-resistance, passivity, obedience, biddability, dutifulness, duteousness, docility, meekness, tameness, patience, resignation, humility, self-effacement, deference, subservience, servility, subjection, self-abasement, obsequiousness, obeisance
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