Definition of nonresidential in US English:



  • 1Not requiring or providing facilities for people to live on the premises.

    ‘two-day nonresidential workshops’
    • ‘The five-day non-residential courses take place from July 12-16, July 19-23 and July 26-30.’
    • ‘The service is available to all adults receiving non-residential care from Wiltshire County Council.’
    • ‘Wrote Gray, ‘It is my pleasure to endorse the University and urge you to become aware of your opportunity to earn an approved graduate degree on a totally non-residential independent study basis.’’
    • ‘Students can avail of the colleges' residential facilities or can pursue the courses on a non-residential basis.’
    • ‘Besides, Mr. Davidar said there were many non-residential academies in various cities and asked the students to make the best use of them.’
    • ‘Staff shortages, billing errors and unpaid invoices in running the non-residential care system has left the council facing a £523,000 shortfall this financial year and £493,000 in the next.’
    • ‘And, from this year, she is opening the academy up to non-residential courses.’
    • ‘There are a range of residential and non-residential retreats.’
    • ‘The course is non-residential, but Stein offers a variety of accommodation options.’
    • ‘Since last July, 750 users of non-residential services have been re-assessed for their ability to pay and 300 homes have been visited by assessors.’
    • ‘A two day non-residential workshop designed to help you celebrate who you are will be held at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Bandra on June 14-15.’
    • ‘Private investment constitutes investments by business and non-profit organisations in infrastructure, non-residential and residential buildings and equipment.’
    • ‘The non-residential camps start at 10 am each morning.’
    • ‘The local hospice, in Masterton's Lincoln Road, is a non-residential unit, which offers family support, is a cancer education centre and a base for the nursing staff.’
    • ‘For adult, non-residential care services the council has discretion as to the extent and level of charges it makes, but not when it comes to residential homes.’
    • ‘Together, they went on to buy the Mercy Convent in Stradbally, and converted it into a gardening school with residential and non-residential courses, known as Carrigahilla House and Gardens.’
    • ‘Pratt now teaches women's studies and creative writing as a faculty member of the Union Institute, a non-residential alternative university.’
    • ‘Socialist TD Joe Higgins wants the Government to establish a redress board to compensate former pupils of non-residential institutions.’
    • ‘The non-residential workshop, expected to be officially opened on Saturday morning by Sports minister, Gladys Nyirongo, has been sponsored by IOC in partnership with UNICEF and Commonwealth Games Canada.’
    • ‘Merton is set to benefit from a new Metropolitan Police 18-week non-residential training course for police recruits, who will be placed in the borough once trained.’
    1. 1.1 (of property or land) containing or suitable for commercial premises rather than private houses.
      • ‘Even if they are in non-residential areas, these zones are likely to be around reputable businesses which are not going to accept prostitutes.’
      • ‘Some non-residential buildings will be converted into residential properties.’
      • ‘All that the civic body could do so far is to issue notices to the software firms asking them to pay property taxes applicable to non-residential properties.’
      • ‘I would have exempted non-residential property from the stamp duty hike.’
      • ‘18 acres of non-residential land at Blackhall Place in Meath made £210,000 through TE Potterton.’
      • ‘It has been stressed that the construction of small non-residential buildings or a small shop may be necessary to facilitate visitors to the island.’
      • ‘This is Marshgate Lane, a 100% non-residential slice of East London, one solitary road cutting across the flood plain of the River Lea.’
      • ‘The Department expects the new stamp duty thresholds on non-residential property to raise an additional €118.5 million in 2003 and €158 million for a full year.’
      • ‘The notes were issued to owners of non-agricultural land and residential and non-residential buildings that could not be physically restituted.’
      • ‘Taller than any other non-residential building in the capital, the high-rise buildings are likely to house a hotel and offices.’
      • ‘The increase in stamp duty to 9 per cent on non-residential property will weigh against investing in the Irish commercial property market.’
      • ‘Could the fighters force the planes to fly over non-residential areas and then take them down?’