Definition of nonrelative in US English:



  • Not considered in relation to something else.

    ‘nonrelative judgements of beauty’
    • ‘Opinions have differed, however, about non-relative affirmative terms like good and wise.’
    • ‘We confront instead the difficult, non-relative, question as to how best we are to live in harmony with people whose value-judgements differ very greatly from our own.’
    • ‘A commitment to autonomy, in opposition to this, holds that autonomy is good in a non-relative sense.’
    universal, fixed, independent, non-relative, non-variable, absolutist
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  • A person who is not connected by blood or marriage.

    ‘I've never been to a wedding of a nonrelative’
    • ‘A new cultural openness to adoption, a move toward environmentalism in the human sciences, and the relatively greater availability of public social welfare services resulted in progressively higher rates of non-relative adoptions arranged by agency professionals.’
    • ‘He wants to take it a step further, by banning all gifts from any nonrelative who has business directly or indirectly before a government agency.’
    • ‘The numbers of adoptions taking place in the United States (along with the proportion of non-relative placements mediated by agency professionals) spiraled rapidly upwards after World War II.’
    • ‘Doctors had warned her that there was only a 30 per cent chance that a non-relative would be a match.’
    • ‘Three caregiver categories were defined: the biological mother, a kinship caregiver, and a formal, nonrelative foster caregiver.’
    • ‘A wealthy non-relative could end up paying more than 80% of their inheritance in tax.’
    • ‘It is equally inappropriate to address an older non-relative informally as it is to address a child with the polite-formal style.’
    • ‘A non-relative who is chosen as a godparent is thereby included into the kin group.’
    • ‘The advantage of choosing a nonrelative is that you get an extra person involved deeply in your child's welfare, someone who wouldn't otherwise be a consistent part of their life.’
    • ‘Fingerprints must be submitted, and a non-relative must swear out an affidavit that the illegal alien was here before January 1, 2007.’